Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a modality that focuses on the connection between thoughts and our emotions. Often when someone is experiencing depression or anxiety they find themselves having self defeating negative thoughts such as "I'm a failure," "I'm unlovable," or "I can't tolerate this anymore." Along with self-defeating thoughts, individuals tend to engage often in cognitive distortions such as "shoulds," "what if thinking," and overly focus on negative experiences while discounting and minimizing positive & neutral experiences. CBT is an empirically validated treatment that empowers you to start changing your thinking and learn ways to turn your inner critic into your best advocate and cheerleader/defense attorney.

CBT therapy focuses on identifying current thinking patterns and working actively to change them. During sessions I will point out patterns I notice in your thought process and guide you through CBT exercises. Additionally I will ask you to do some homework outside of sessions in order to maximize your progress and treatment.

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